We Are Libertarians Network May Be Deplatformed Soon

This shouldn't be a shock, this should be a reminder

“You can kill the revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution” ~Fred Hampton

Well, gang, it’s happening.

The We Are Libertarians Network, which my podcast “On The Run w/ Remso W. Martinez” is part of, has had our official network YouTube channel issued a second strike, and our Facebook fan group has been permanently disabled.

According to our program director and host of “The Chris Spangle Show”, Chris Spangle:

Yesterday, WAL got their second strike on YouTube and is one away from a permanent ban. This was due to different content pieces and nothing considered out of the realm of "acceptable" speech. Before this, we stopped actively posting on our Instagram of 20,000 people and our Facebook page of 100,000 people to be compliant. Memes seem to be the main culprit, so we just stopped posting them.

To show you how harmful this self-censorship was to the We Are Libertarians Podcast Network's marketing efforts; we went from 1 million impressions a month on our big page to less than 70,000 impressions in two months. The reward for modified behavior was the taking of our primary community, which drives our funding and fun.

First Big Tech went after the evil/crazy racist people and we cheered. Then they went after Alex Jones and we laughed. They then went after public figures we didn’t like and we said nothing. Then started targeting some of our edgy friends online and we still said nothing. Finally, they deplatformed the then-sitting President of the United States and there was officially nothing anybody could do.

See a trend?

Chris continues:

Since Alex Jones was removed from over a dozen social media channels in a single day in 2018, it is increasingly apparent that independent political brands aren't welcome on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. They want to protect their corporate partners that pay them billions, and they are trying to Disney-fy their brands. The corporate press cheers this along because it is an opportunity to kill off the competition. This competition is not only independent media but the platforms themselves. Remember classified ads? All that revenue left newspapers for Facebook and Google.

Soon, independent opinion journalism of any kind won't be able to function on these platforms. First, they came for hackers, sex workers, and conspiracy theorists. Now they're beginning to attack the presence of moderate, independent political commentators like We Are Libertarians. Eventually, they will make it impossible to have a conversation about big ideas for anyone not attached to a pre-approved institution like CNN or the New York Times. They want cute photos of dogs and ads for people that pay them to show up on your timeline.

I’ve been calling out and taking an active stance against the corporate-fascism for years. My life is dedicated to getting people to really consider how free they really are and how they can be even more independent and self-reliant.

I told you that if you believe in these crazy liberty ideas- individualism, voluntary cooperation, tolerance, that you would one day have to face the mob online and in reality.

In the past few months alone, we’ve discussed with experts why our biggest fears aren’t ahead of us, they’re already here:

-Chloe Anagnos discussed how to market your business in a rigid digital environment

-Dan Smotz’s business and show were shut down by Facebook without warning

-Ken LaCorte showed us the real mindset of the media establishment

I wasn’t prepared because I loved doing extra work, I was prepared because I worked too damn hard to lose the progress we have made together.

So What Can YOU Do For Now?

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Take care and Godspeed,

Remso W. Martinez

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