There is Nothing to Worry About (Except A Lot)

Big Tech strikes, banks refusing service, and Facebook attacking businesses

Welcome to the Twitter Terror-Dome

THIS. This right here. The tweet seen across the world…

This is the tweet that made millions of Americans online freakout as one of the most influential people in the world made it loud and clear he was more than happy to see Parler (which was the number one free app on the App Store) removed.

Vanish. Disappear. Straight up treated like cousin Fredo in “The Godfather.”

By now you’ve witnessed how the Big Tech cartel in their own night of long knives snuffed out the Parler. You’ve seen how they have essentially erased the President of the United States from online. They have silenced journalists, business owners, and leader of the free world.

The sliding scale of allowable opinion has shifted so far to the center that now anyone not abiding by the woke, Cancel Culture orthodoxy has been deemed unworthy of participating in our “civilized” society.

I hope you’ve paid attention, I hope you prepared, because right now we are living in our own version of the 21st century Salem Witch Trials on a national (dare I say global) scale where no one, not a single soul, is safe.

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The “De-Banking” Phase of Cancel Culture Has Begun

I wrote about a month back that in reality, very few things scare me more than the idea of one day not having access to essential banking services. Imagine a world where you have no access to checking and savings accounts, money markets, lines to credit and loans, as well as investing services.

Well, the nightmare is now part of our reality, and the first shot has been fired once again against Donald J. Trump.

According to The Guardian:

Deutsche Bank became the latest large company to cut ties with Donald Trump, with the firm that has propped up the Trump Organization for two decades reportedly announcing it would no longer do business with the disgraced president.

The German bank’s move – reported by the New York Times – follows Wednesday’s deadly attack on the US Capitol building by a mob of Trump supporters. The number of corporations disassociating themselves from Trump is now turning into an avalanche.

Deutsche Bank has been Trump’s most important lender. The Trump Organization, fronted by his two older sons, owes the bank about $340m in outstanding loans. After a series of bankruptcies in the 1990s, it was the only bank willing to give Trump money.

If this can happen to the sitting President of the United States, it can happen to you. If the thought of not having quick access to your money or being de-banked yourself is something you want to have a contingency plan for, now might be the time to look into Bitcoin. I have a starter episode of my podcast from a while back where you can learn the basics of Bitcoin and why it probably matters now more than ever before.

From Chaos on Capitol Hill to UFO Declassifications

The other night I joined my good friend Gavin Wax to talk about everything going on regarding Big Tech, and whether the corporate cartel should really be broken up, and what reforming the Section 230 protection laws really means if true change is to happen. Also, we jump into recently declassified documents and discuss why the federal government seems to be pumping out so many reports regarding UFO activity. From the serious to the strange, please enjoy and subscribe to Gavin’s Podcast.

Project Veritas Exposes PBS Principal Counsel Calling For Trump Supporters to be Sent to Re-Education Camps

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Dan Smotz found himself and all his personal and business pages on Facebook banned for good, and Kerry Slone happened to get on the news for getting into an “arguement” with someone from Alaska Airlines while on the plane. I guess it’s safe to say that my two good friends had more than enough to talk about when Kerry sat down with Dan on this week’s episode of The System Is Down.

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