This Might Not Be For You

Keep your friends close, and the smart ones closer

I never really liked microblogs or newsletters, I always felt like are trying to sell me something, so let’s make something clear right up front:

I’m not here to sell you anything, I don’t want your money (at least right now)

It’s become very clear in recent years that the internet is not what it used to be, and that the social platforms that used to enable us to build an opportunity to have a voice and change the world are now being taken from us.

For years I tried to get as many people as humanly possible to pay attention to the conversations I was taking part in, the people I saw making a difference for liberty, and to reconsider the way in which we saw the world. I don’t know if I’ve hit my ceiling, I never expected nor wanted to be a household name and thank God I’m not, but what I have earned is something far greater- the right people.

The right people are men and women of action, people who question the status quo, people who are taking deliberate action in their lives to become free of the banking cartels, free of political fearmongering, and free from institutions that attempt to keep you from doing the only thing that ultimately matters, which is to think.

If you’re reading this, the odds are you’re the person I want to connect with, learn from, and voluntarily associate with during these interesting times. If not, this might not be for you.

I’m not a pundit, I’m not just another talking head. For those of you who have never heard of me, I’ve been on the inside of the political consulting class, the media, and the world of big tech. I’ve been doing so since I was nineteen. I’ve been everything from a campaign manager to a mall cop, a journalist to a traveling make-up salesman, a best-selling author to a GameStop cashier, and professional copywriter to amateur filmmaking.

I know a little about a lot. I’ve shaken hands with the right people and made enemies of the right people and gained the wisdom to know the difference.

By day, I’m the Outreach Director for Parler, the only genuine social media platform for free speech, free people, and data privacy. By night, I host On The Run at the We Are Libertarians Network, I co-host the Second Print Comics Podcast with my good friend and mentor Marc Clair, and I’m part of the rambling panel on The World According to Ben Stein.

But ultimately, why should you trust me? Am I consistent?

2017- I began to explain what the “Deep State” truly was.

2018- I warned centrists and libertarians who thought they were safe from online censorship that the Tech Giants would start with the fringe and move to “normal” people across the internet in a way the world never expected (Listen at The Brian Nichols Show).

2019- I called out Google’s Director of Public Policy in public about their work with the CCP.

2020- I left my position at Social Media Coordinator at The Washington Times to join the frontlines in the war for internet freedom by joining Parler.

It’s important that we can stay in contact no matter the circumstance, so I hope you find value in this newsletter which will focus on everything from my personal projects, insider views on politics, journalism, and big tech with all the craziness of the world in between all of that.

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