If You Really Paid Attention

Win or lose, know what is out of your control

If Trump wins, I’ll be extremely happy. If Biden wins, I won’t be very happy.

But I have a plan for my life if Trump wins, and the plan stays the same if Biden wins. My life is not tied to political or legislative outcomes, I have and continue to craft a life for myself that moves in one direction- forward, towards my goals, towards my freedom.

I ended my original podcast (which had dozens of five-star listener reviews and was regularly on the iTunes top charts for news and politics), I abandoned my columns and lofty pundit gigs by leaving political commentary behind, I abandoned my careers in political consulting and media, because I knew no matter who is in charge, no matter what color my state is, I have the ability to ultimately achieve maximum freedom regardless of the world around me.

This is why in “On The Run” we talk so much about financial freedom, and I bring on superb guests who are experts in fields and have developed and mastered skills completely alien to me. I speak with off-the-grid experts, ghost hunters, ex-pats, hippies and Wall Street pros. We expand your view of the world starting at the individual level and expand to the universe around you.

Sometimes the topics are trippy, sometimes they’re controversial, but they are always useful, timeless, and a hell of a lot of fun if I can say so.

I’m not saying don’t take elections seriously, but what we’ve stated in and out of every episode is that the only person you can truly invest in to protect your life, liberty, and property IS YOU.

For those that haven’t tuned in or subscribed before, here are probably some of the most important episodes to help you get started:

-Explore your spiritual insights w/ the Kabbalah

-Understand Bitcoin and competing cryptocurrencies

-Divest your time and money from Big Tech

-Learn how to become a digital nomad

-5 reasons you aren’t free (no matter who is president)

-Learn the importance of traveling outside of your bubble

-Get your financial health under control

-Does voting really matter anymore?

-Achieve true happiness with “the simple life”

-Develop and grow your wealth (without Wall Street!)

-Connect your passion for liberty with a full-time career (fight for freedom and make money at the same time)

-Ever consider moving abroad for more economic prosperity and civil liberties? Listen to the expert here

Once you begin to taste an ounce of independence, you’ll understand why the “On The Run” community is so tight, it’s because people of action get together and make real change, all in our lifetime.

Take care and talk to you later,


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