Where Do I Get My News From?

Democracy dies from ignorance...

We’re in an era of information warfare on a level we never knew was imaginable. The ability to use social media to create your own “bubble” (do you know how Facebook’s algorithms are meant to keep you addicted and constantly enraged?) and the fact that each political faction has there own preferred sources for news and commentary, all this means is that we can be manipulated and separated from each other in ways straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

How can you have a civil conversation with someone with different opinions if you’re both literally talking to each other as if you’re speaking different languages? This is the world we’re living in, where you can come with one set of facts that are backed up by your own personal preferences and the other person comes with their own version. Whose fault is it that you’re both being manipulated by your own egos and outside interests in order to be pitted against each other?

Politicians want you to fight each other, certain networks want you to fight against each other, even corporations want you to fight each other. The reason is that if you’re fighting with your own neighbors, that allows the bad actors to plot in peace while you’re distracted.

Call it political theater, clickbait, “fake news”, smokescreens, at the end of the day it’s all a distraction.

Don’t be a victim of manipulation. Develop your knowledge and insight into the world around you by having a 360 ariel view of the media landscape so you can make your own decisions and have the facts to back them up.

These are the sites I personally go to for news and commentary from every angle.

Conservative-leaning news and commentary sites

The Washington Times

The National Pulse

Summit News

Just The News

The Epoch Times

Reason Magazine (libertarian)

The American Conservative

Washington Examiner

One America News

Centrist news and commentary sites

Matt Taibbi

Deadline Detroit



Business Insider

Tim Pool

Wall Street Journal


Progressive-leaning news and commentary sites

Rolling Stone


Huffington Post

The Intercept

Vice News




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Where do you get your news? What are your favorite commentary sites? Let me know by commenting below.

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