I Have a Deal For Those That Want to Move Off-Grid

Prepare for your future by developing the knowledge and skills now to thrive

Hey there,

You probably have been thinking along the same lines I have lately. There are far and few ways we can truly affect national and global politics, but we can take care of ourselves, our families, and the communities we love. To make your life freer, healthier, and more resilient is the true pather to individual liberty.

A good friend of ours, health and off-the-grid living expert Gary Collins MS, who you’ve heard over at the On The Run podcast before, has recently released three new online courses for those of us looking to break off from the fragile urban cities and suburbs we’re finding ourselves trapped in.

For subscribers of this newsletter, you can save 10% off each course with promo code “remso10" at checkout.

You cannot get these savings elsewhere for Gary’s off-grid courses.

The selection includes:

-Going Off the Grid Mastery Course

  • Get “decluttered” and why its an important first step

  • Review and consider your health living off-grid

  • Find the perfect property and WHY this is critical (more than you even know right now) for your success

  • Keep from losing your shirt and save money with the ideal property

  • Easily prepare a no-stress budget that works for you

  • Off-grid construction 101 and things to watch out for

  • Tips on how to choose a contractor and negotiate a contract with them like an expert

  • Understand and pick the right types of construction for your exact situation and house

  • Pick the best water, power, and septic systems

  • What equipment and tools are needed

  • Off-grid security to keep you safe and how to set it up (did you know Gary was in the US Diplomatic Security Service before becoming a federal agent)

  • What to expect with living off-the-grid and a big lifestyle change

The best part is that Gary has been living this life for the past seven years. He’s not an overnight self-proclaimed expert or academic with no real-world experience.

-How to Finance Your Off-Grid Home Course

  • Save money by knowing what pitfalls to avoid

  • Learn the precise steps and order to keep your dream alive

  • Save time by knowing exactly what sources to go to first

This online course will answer all your questions and prepare you for the financial ins and outs of going off-the-grid. Don’t get tripped up by financial blunders, take this course and make your going off-the-grid journey the positive and rewarding experience that it should be.

-How to Find Your Dream Off-Grid Property Course

  • Find the perfect property and WHY this is critical (more than you even know right now) for your success

  • Easily build a budget that works for you 

  • Efficiently conduct research like a pro to find the perfect location free of hassle and government overreach

  • Expertly pick the right people for your team by identifying the good and bad Real Estate agents (many merely focus on pushing paper and getting you to buy regardless of your needs)

  • Save thousands of dollars with special financing tactics by leveraging banks and foreclosures

  • Buy a property with all the resources that you’ll need for your off-grid dream

Get advice, direct answers, and tips you might not otherwise consider:

  • Do you need to travel?

  • Do you have medical conditions to consider?

  • What climate do you want? What are the implications of this?

  • What off-grid resources do you want to utilize? What are your options? Which ones SHOULD you avoid and which should you utilize?

Prepare today! Use promo code “remso10” at checkout to save on each of Gary’s courses.

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